A Charming Extension

Mahesh Radhakrishnan


This project in Chennai was to be a home extension project and therefore in effect, also an effort in integrating two generations of design thought within one compound. The team at Madras Office for Architects and Designers (MOAD) designed the extension as a stack of boxes that both deliberately offset from the old building at ground level and gestured to overlap at the first level. The most eye-catching feature of the extension is the jaali wall that encloses the corridor up to a transparent dining room. It is the most flamboyant sign of the contemporary having landed in an old expanse. The lower level also features a kitchen and a bedroom. Up a folded sheet metal stairway is another level, housing a living room and a terrace over-looking a garden; and a bedroom with a private balcony. The MOAD team, led by founding partner Mahesh Radhakrishnan has maturely infused the extended 1,600 sq. ft. area with refreshing vigour, without compromising on the old charm of the pre-existing structure.