A Modern Haveli

Shourya Patel And Dexter Fernandes


When contemporary design weds traditional lifestyle, what you get is a home filled with comfort, functionality and a strong sense of rootedness, as we find in this haveli designed by the team at the architectural design firm, Uneven.
The haveli’s most alluring feature is its windows. Architects Shourya Patel and Dexter Fernandes, co-founders of Uneven have spared no opportunity to carve out as many windows as possible across this two-storeyed, five-bedroom haveli, or villa, in Vadodara. Broad, floor-to-ceiling windows invite natural light into every corner creating an irresistible feel-good ambience. The space is invigorated by traditional Gujarati motifs, colours and furniture that keep the haveli tied to its cultural roots. Exposed brick is used judiciously and in harmony with wood to create a natural, cosy atmosphere. The thick brick walls further help in keeping the interiors cool, say the designers. The earthy atmosphere is effortlessly maintained with a colour palette of cream, deep browns and russets.