A Riverside Retreat

Rajiv Saini & Associates take inspiration from the unbridled energy of the Ganges for their project, House at the Ganges, located on the banks of the holy river. The river, the forest reserve beyond and the purple-blue silhouettes of the mountain ranges in the distance form the backdrop of the home, an idyllic setting that appears unlikely to be tampered by the hands of development.The planning of the house has ensured that all the rooms enjoy a slice of the natural landscape; ceiling to floor glass windows award an obstruction-free viewing of the panorama. Often when the setting is picture-perfect, design succumbs to the pressures of competition as it tries to one-up its surroundings, resulting in a structure that taints its environs instead of enhancing it. The House at the Ganges however manages to create a harmonious union with its backdrop with both elements complementing and accentuating the other’s beauty and charm.