A Stairway To The Top

Sanjeev Panjabi And Sangeeta Merchant


Sanjeev Punjabi and Sangeeta Merchant, of the firm Spasm Architects, design a 3,500 sq ft apartment which displays stark honesty in its spaces and dictates a ‘no frills’ aura. The design of this apartment is all about the staircase. The architects have used the staircase as a sculpture. Lying in a no-man\'s land between the living and dining areas, it is the first thing visible when you enter the apartment, and is the main feature of the 1,000 square foot room. There are very few textures used in the apartment space, and they are used over very large areas - the travertine flooring being an example. The architects have tried to simplify the palette, and there are no tectonics, which seems to be the trend in avant-garde design today.