Aesthetic Appeal

In this four bedroom Ahmedabad based bungalow, the vocabulary combines the local vernacular with the comforts of modern day living. Architects Mehul and Mitul Shah have designed a very simple but elegant house, exuding warmth and cosiness. The whole process included a great deal of civil changes to meet the client’s requirements, as well as to create large, open, free flowing spaces. It appears that at least part of the job was to unify spaces, without compromising distinct identities, or sacrificing function for form. Seen here is a play with straight lines and distinctive bold colours, supplemented by an amalgamation of different materials. When everyone is bending over backwards to ‘make a statement’ with swaggering designs limited only by the imagination, this bungalow is unpretentious in its aesthetics. There is no theatrical dazzle and no carefully executed flourishes to stumble over. Mehul and Mitul Shah land right on their feet where functionality is concerned.