Aesthetics of Entertainment

Piyush Mehra and Priyanka Pradeep


Spearheaded by Piyush Mehra and Priyanka Pradeep, PS Design has executed the task of designing a Mumbai apartment dexterously!

The house, a combination of two 2 BHKs and hence technically a four BHK, belongs to a couple who love to entertain which meant having more than one entertainment areas.

A common part of the corridor to both houses was enclosed to form a foyer. Since it is rather narrow, the space was utilized to entertain visitors in the living room. The décor included hand printing blocks placed on the walls.

The T-shaped living room is designed in such a way that the bar area is towards one side and the dining area towards the other. The living area of both the houses combined gives a vast space which is played with interesting pieces of furniture. The den houses a 108” TV. A bathroom attached to this room was broken and converted into a library and study corner. An entire wall from floor to ceiling houses the library shelf, lined with books and curios.

The master suite was expanded by opening up the kitchen on the right side apartment and turning it into a closet. To ensure the space looks big, the space behind the bed and the closet had a screen, instead of a wall. It has a TV along with a full closet. Further expanding the master bedroom is the open bathroom. There is a glass wall between the bedroom and the bathroom.

The décor tone for the other two bedrooms is neutral in both with subtle pinks and blues dominating the room.

The décor of the house is extremely varied. Not one style was followed throughout. From Classical to modern, the entire house has elements which are different and yet bound together in a beautiful combination.

Most of the furniture was custom made except the colourful couch in the living room, which adds a funk to the otherwise neutral tone. Accessories were picked up from stores across Delhi and Mumbai.