Convertible House

Marzban Irani And Oormi Kapadia


The Convertible House in Mumbai is no ‘BHK’. Its walls are impermanent and fluid, its rooms movable, and its storage spaces discreet.

An upscale neighbourhood in south Mumbai was a victim of fragmented tiny spaces with low ceiling heights. Mumbai-based MnO Architects, led by Marzban Irani and Oormi Kapadia, transformed this fragmented space into one continuous interwoven space that can be converted into multiple spaces on demand.

This convertible home at Breach Candy in south Mumbai is said to be a ‘2BHK’ but defies the idea of a ‘BHK’ that is plaguing the housing industry of Mumbai today. The home was stripped down of permanent walls and the entire space was left free-flowing. Windows were enlarged to the maximum extent, blurring the boundaries further. “The entry vestibule + kitchen + bar + living + dining + master bedroom + master bathroom were designed as an interconnected flexible space,” states the team. “Privacy was achieved through furniture-placement and sliding partitions so that the functions can expand and contract as required.”

Ample storage space has cleverly been carved into hidden lofts, custom-made partitions and furniture pieces, thus leaving the home without unnecessary clutter.

Simple white surfaces and pinewood pieces give the space a minimalist look and royal elegance. A dash of colour has been achieved through the furnishing.

“Mellow ambient lighting, a cool westerly breeze, and the sound of the nearby-sea as constant companion come together to give this space the warm and cosy feel of a well-designed home.”