All About Forms

Tejas Mistry


A house in Surat has been designed in accordance to form – shapes and patterns keeping it simple, minimal and functional.

The team of architects led by Tejas Mistry have kept the design of this house minimal and connected to modern theme. The main door was designed using ply and polish with an M/S plate handle. Green carpet as a natural element beside the door with light fixtures highlights the ambiance. In the living room, the TV unit wall with a curved shape is materialized with wood as a base and PU coating to give it a white fine finish. Foyer area is designed with tiles and veneer showing fusion of the floor and wall. The ceiling of the Mandir was made more dramatic using Shree Yantra while the door is designed with hexagonal shaped pieces in a rotating form.

The home theater is outlined with curved wooden patti making the area sound-proof. The whole area was designed in white combined with wooden pattern and different texture. The master bedroom back wall constructed with ply as a base and through and through holes made up for the lights to pass by. The bed was designed to match up the curved shaped beautiful bed materialized with wood and PU finish.

The normal design pattern for the children’s bedroom with bed, wardrobe and wall covering was modernized a bit with a flexible study table. The whole design chronicle was made with simple, minimal and most important point functionality concerns.