All About Harmony and Love

Sheena Chhabria


An urban residence in Mumbai, designed by Sheena Chhabria, is off-set by neutral white with tinges of gold, among many other highlights depicting depth and detail.  

 Sheena Chhabria’s recently completed residence in Khar, Mumbai, stands as clear testimony to design style of the chief architect of Sheena Inc.

This 4BHK apartment with an area of 2,500 sq. ft. belongs to a well-travelled couple who live in it along with their child and mother. “An important element that I as a designer needed to consider was seamlessly incorporating the tastes of multiple generations in their respective bedrooms while leaving the common areas like the den, living room, terrace, dining area, bar, among others, more serene and multi-functional to suit everybody in the house,” said Chhabria.

The entry foyer outside the home gives a preview of the beauty that lies within. “The lights mounted on the wall and majestic lanterns are warm, inviting and regal. Inside the home, one is first greeted by a bright red edge table and a luminous living area which is made to look larger by enclosing the terrace. The entire space is left un-crowded to allow the owners to fill it up with collectables from their past travels. Not just that, the area is built in a manner to allow the family to also use it for holding parties, practicing yoga and allowing the child enough space to play to his heart’s content,” shared Sheena. 

The terrace area is essentially given a very spiritual Zen-like feel with an idol of Buddha, an elegant console and flooring which is Satwario marble embellished with angel wings in mother of pearl inlay. It has a glass ceiling and windows large enough to allow enough natural light during the day. This space opens into the bar. The ceiling has been carved into a classic dome with concealed LED lighting.

The dining area has an angel chandelier with 3 angels showing different expressions and emotions depicting protection provided from the doors of heaven. “The dining table has two classic legs and two modern contemporary legs; this creates a link between the old world majestic look and a clean straight lined structure and depicts the harmony present between the members of the different age groups,” justified Chhabria.

The apartment sees extensive use of gold in both gloss and matt finish at different areas like the ceiling in the living and doors next to the dining. Cream and grey reign supreme, with gold tones; these set off the understated elegance of the den and TV room of the house. The neon mirror and the red round couch introduce effective pops of colour. The light fittings, carvings and soft furnishings all further this design element.

“These articles and individual pieces were all manufactured in-house with materials like mild steel and fiberglass. The products were first made in clay, disposable moulds were then created and finally the items were casted with an ideal mix,” said Chhabria.

 The designer has followed colour psychology in all the four bedrooms of the house - bright colours of neon blue and green in the kid’s bedroom for energy, pink in the guest bedroom for love and warmth, beige and orange in the mother’s bedroom for serenity and grey in the couple’s bedroom for modernity.