An Essence Of Timeless Architecture

Ambrish Arora Siddharth Talwar And Ankur Choksi


Kukreja House by Lotus is an apt example of a modern day residence in New Delhi that synergies the comforts and luxuries of the contemporary times with the warmth and freshness of a traditional home in a sustainable way. Ambrish Arora with Sidhartha Talwar, Kullu Arun, Smriti Sachdev and Sourabh Gaur came up with a design that breaks away from the norms of a contemporary bungalow and determines its own unique ideology. The plan reveals an unusual approach for the layout of the spaces. While the house rectilinearly sits on a 10,000 sq. ft. site externally, internally there are hardly any parallel walls. Nooks and corners are opportunities for personalised spaces which allow intimate sitting arrangements. The random rubble stone masonry and exposed concrete roof add a rustic feel making the spaces appear cosy. The motley assortment of warm colours from timber furniture, fenestrations, tapestry and upholstery is flushed with light from the strategically placed lamps that add the perfect tint of elegance and sophistication to the ambience.