Brick By Brick

Sanjeev Panjabi And Sangeeta Merchant


The Brick Kiln House in Munavali, near Alibaug, derives inspiration from the simple beauty of the rural Maharashtrian landscape which prefers to blend in rather than stand out. Spasm Design Architects has taken the effect of the brick work to another level of charm with the use of basalt and cuddapah stone. This combination may have ultimately meant colour starvation, but are salvaged by the installation of furniture pieces. The contrast of silken fuchsia and blue cushion covers against the grey muteness is a marvellous contrast. In this setting, even the white and off-white couches are striking.
The lighting fixtures help set the tone of the rooms to a range between rustic and modern-minimalist. Outside, the lamps have that alluring antique quality to them, and one can imagine them holding stout candles and not CFL lamps.
Designer duo Sanjeev Panjabi and Sangeeta Merchant have achieved a delicate balance by adopting a very local, very identifiable symbol and turning it into a modern home. This is not a farmhouse jarring the unassuming landscape, but a proud neighbour merging in with the flock.