Brick By Brick

Vishal Shah And Vishal Desai


In this project, Aangan Architects show us how an open-plan design works beautifully in an Indian setting. The couple wanted state-of-the-art facilities yet wanted to have the home open enough so the family didn’t feel closed off. To achieve this, Vishal Shah designed an open-plan layout on the upper level. The living area is open across the upper two stories creating a double-height space that brings in light throughout the space. The bungalow is built in a combination of exposed brick work, form-finished exposed concrete and black kadappa stone flooring. Teak wood furniture along with artefacts collected by the family over the years completes the décor. The warm tones of the brick, concrete and stone act as a lovely counterpoint to the earthy handicrafts. The focal point of the home’s design is the exposed brick work and the geometric patterns on it. From the outside, it becomes a design feature and a conversation starter. Inside, the openings bring in light, that changes during the day creating a relaxed and warm ambience. A large circular opening in the roof adds architectural interest and light.