Brick Cape

Ashish Patel And Bhavesh Patel


The V K Farmhouse in Surat has been designed by the firm Architecture & Beyond as a collection of semi-autonomous structures that are held together by one, simple aesthetic.
The main farmhouse stands as a calm sentinel in the sprawling plot. It has a solid, self-assured aura about it, and at first glance, one will be hard-pressed to find any flashy elements. Even the brilliant brick wall, shaped like the quiff of a flamboyant hipster, doesn’t seem like an anomaly in an otherwise straightforward-looking expanse. The team, led by Aashish Patel and Bhavesh Patel decided to surround this utilitarian spread of the home with a mix of the urbane and the bucolic. In an effective display of rusticity, the entryway is paved with granite cobble stones.
The farmhouse’s real charms are not to be found in frills but in carefully planned substance created out of earthy, often colour-averse brick and concrete in the industrial vein of designing, and in the generosity of space allocation, both vertical and horizontal. This project breathes in and out, and is unencumbered by decorative furniture.