Classy All The Way

Tanvi Rajpurohit And Archis Patel


A minimalistic and contemporary styling is manifested in this 2000 sq. ft. apartment in Vadodara that oozes class all the way.

The design team preferred very few artefacts in the first place and also only those that signified luxury in a unique way. The first visual cue to this meets us right in the foyer in the form of a wooden hanging console unit paired with a backdrop of a half veneer wall panelling with grooves and an off centre suspended lamp. To add more drama, a custom designed mirror in the form of a dried leaf is placed in an asymmetrical format.

The living room is resplendent with different shades of white and neutral tones. The olive green sofa, a modern country style piece, takes centre stage while the bright orange lounge chair works as a stark contrast against the rest of the setting.

The three bedrooms have an intimate design solution with each room having a unique character to it. Custom designed furniture pieces further add an authenticity to the space.

The study room is a multi-purpose space encompassing the puja area as well. The spill out spaces such as the balconies in the living area and the bedrooms have been designed as garden nooks covered with pots and large plants, merging the interior with the exterior seamlessly. The cane furniture seating placed in the living area balcony and the Buddha statue waterfall in the corner create the perfect setting for introspection in the milieu of gentle running water.

In that curated selection of art work, in the engraved patterns on the wall panels, in the sublime choice of colours and in the surprising blend of continuity and diversity, a + t’s attention to detail and creativity shines through.