Colour-coded Luxury

Shikha Doogar And Shridhar Rao


r+d studio brought out all the magic of colour-blocking, monochromes, and natural light to make Primera House in Gurgaon a stunning statement in multi-functional minimalism.

The architecture of the Primera House explores a play of volumes and materials, and a stark play of light and shadow. The volume-blocking is strong and rigid with a further accentuation achieved through contrasting materials – the stunning corten steel and stark whites. Corten steel is used prominently on the façade with seamless joining techniques following a strict geometry. The monotony of the white blocks is broken by sharp block patterns created using aluminium grooves.

The house performs a multi-functional role to suit the lifestyle of the clients – metamorphosing its spaces in a live-work-play system. From a cosy family den, to a design studio, to spaces to exhibit love for art, and even a space for hosting soirées for large groups of guests – the house is to serve a multitude of purposes, leading to a smart segregation of functions for privacy as well as creating transformational spaces to suit a variety of social situations.

The interiors take a minimalist route with clean walls featuring art collections of the owners. “The challenge of the interiors lay in translating the fashion philosophy of the brand into a spatial story. This involved taking the most recognisable facet of the brand, which is colour-blocking, and exploring interiors through that. Hence, the usage of colour-blocked carpets, and surfaces clad in teak to create stark contrasts with the white walls,” states the team from Delhi NCR-based architectural firm, r+d studio. The main living room features an eclectic brass chandelier composed of saxophones, referencing the brand’s love for all things retro. Brass highlights have been featured in furniture pieces to infuse some minimalist glamour.

While the ground floor follows a more formal approach to spaces and interiors, the first floor houses a private suite in the form of linear spaces that join and split to move from public to private. From an entry through the middle into the bar lounge, the space takes a loft-like approach with a pergola sun-roof allowing in natural light, and with sliding industrial doors and striped marble. This section houses a bar lounge for entertainment which opens into a linear open-air exhibition space, a design studio, and a bedroom attached to a lyrically monochromatic bathroom.