Contemporarily Indian

Sachin Khatpe


Studio 5 designed an apartment which exudes a unique impression generated by the amalgamation of contemporary design with Indian flavour. The firm was invited by the developers to design the interiors of a sample flat for Blue Ridge Project in Pune. A fresh and contemporary feel comes through due to the straight-forward and clean layout of the apartment. What imbues it a modern look is the use of precise furniture, clean lines and low maintenance materials while the use of bright warm colours and silk tapestry impart the Indian flavour.
The real design achievement of Sachin Khapte and his team lies in the interiors of the moderately spaced kitchen and the optimum bathroom area. The rectangular plan kitchen is provided with cooking platforms on both the longer directions. A well thought-out use of mirrors throughout the house is further dramatised at the prime transition space of the apartment - the narrow linear passage, to generate an illusion of spaciousness. Avoidance of any intermediate partition walls and a demarcation created with the help of subtle interior decor generate a lavish space which provides room for myriad settings generating different moods.