Contemporary And Chic

A sophisticated aesthetic wields the baton in this apartment designed by Gaurav Kharkar & Associates. With plenty of eye-candy here - employing a contemporary vocabulary, all functions and conveniences have been stylishly put in place. Gaurav Kharkar has used a slick design in which every element can be hand-picked and coordinated, down to the last orchestrated detail. Starting from the entrance lobby itself, the impression is of a bespoke space, enticing one to explore further. Visually appealing, the ‘floating’ shoe rack is evidence enough of thoughtful detailing, as is the white panelling on the opposite wall which conceals doors leading off the corridor.

The living room has a muted colour palette, with the home theatre storage customised to accommodate the equipment, which was picked up in advance to facilitate the design. The master bedroom is endowed with a panoramic view of Mumbai’s race course and the painting behind the bed echoes the association. Throughout this home, mirrors are artfully used to create the illusion of space and the design does all it can to emphasise the height of the ceiling.