Derivational Directive

Sunil Humane And Santhosh


Designedge Architects harvest a modernist holiday home in the lap of nature at Talegaon, near Pune. Simplicity is the key element to designing weekend getaways and when Sunil Humane and Santhosh M.P, combined this base premise with an instinctive design response to site, the resultant structure is a compact, modern ensemble, stripped down to its essentials, devoid of any adornment. The minimalistic bungalow fits snugly into the sloping site and opens out strategically, soaking in brilliant views of the valleys and mountainous terrain. Architecturally, the building is tweaked and finely nuanced to respond to the different views. Various vantage points are identified and slits introduced into the exterior walls, which bring in a slice of the outside into the interiors. Furniture, colours (predominantly black and white) and design elements here correspond to the minimalist architectural vocabulary.