A Design for all Reasons

Anand Menon And Shobhan Kothari


In the process of fine-tuning the circulation of spaces while he combined two apartments in a Mumbai high-rise, Shobhan Kothari of Atelier Design N Domain also embarked on a stylish decorating journey which was not afraid of colour. Although there was a considerable amount of space because the client had bought the entire floor, there was an ‘East bank’ and ‘West Bank’ scenario, after removing the wall between the two apartments.

The master suite was on one side of the living room, with all the other rooms on the opposite side. So a conscious decision was taken to make the living room the protagonist, which would hold the two ends of the house together.

The master bedroom offers an unexpected vista at the entrance. Part of the ceiling is vaulted, echoing the curved outline of the bevelled mirror which stands on the floor. The children’s space has been designed like a suite, with an attached games room and two baths.