Hiten Kakadiya


This superbly designed Bhuj house has wilfully accumulated a landscape within itself.

This house in Bhuj designed by Aayam architects blends its hues, interiors and form with its surroundings. Starting from a gazebo, a long path steps upwards and leads to the house. A long walkway leads to the front door. On one side of the pool is a curved wall with several mirrors embedded in it reflects the landscape. On other side of the wall, these same niches are lined with red glass which lends its fiery colour to the embedded lights. Figures perched in various places in the garden intensify the charm.

To achieve a nuanced effect, the eight existing palm trees were retained. A deep purple external wall of the bungalow stands boldly encloses the courtyard with a rough bed of marble pebbles. The other courtyard is a combination of a lawn and pebbles. A local babool wood staircase leads to the roof. The roof is clad with reclaimed tiles. Carvings from local wood have been used in the semi open verandahs.

The living room is double height space and the master bedroom opens onto the dining area and kitchen. A wooden jali separates the bedroom from the spaces it overlooks, and a skylight above it washes the wall with light. Teak wood, white marble and pebbles come together in the master bath. The guest bedroom has a private entrance since it doubles as an office.

The process of revival of local skills to deliver high-quality housing that is sustainable and disaster safe, has become the cornerstone of this approach.