East Meets West

Anand Menon And Shobhan Kothari


“East meets West” is how architects Shobhan Kothari and Anand Menon describe the concept behind AVS residence, an apartment where deep sombre wooden elements take centre stage. In their trademark style that embodies simple, uncluttered, minimal, but rich décor, Atelier Design N Domain have rendered this house such that it speaks not just of spatial elegance but also of the home owner\'s personality.
The home’s modern layout includes a foyer space, an open plan that accommodates the living and dining areas, two bedrooms and a media room that also doubles up as a guest room. Throughout the space, the luxurious warmth of wooden surfaces emanates and works as a unifying element in the modern aesthetic.
The flat had to incorporate the family’s cultural influences and experiences in the form of art and artefacts. AdnD blended them into a modern western shell.