Endless Space

Khushal Pokar


This 11,000 square foot area is designed to be home to an entrepreneur\'s family and his recreational spaces. Designed by Khushal Pokar of Pokar Architects this house has an architectural soul that has been layered with a modern form.


The basic massing of the house is in two parts: an inclined mass, housing the recreational activities and a solid rectangular mass, housing the private activities of the residents. The design had to align with the Vaastu norms and yet aimed to have a modern in appeal. The spaces are designed in a manner that let sunlight penetrate and illuminate each and every corner of the house. Also, courtyards and sit-outs are used at multiple places connecting the greens and surrounding landscape. The staircase, a combination of wooden tile, a metal wall fixture and sculpture is one of the most dramatic elements of the house.



A harmonious blend of materials, textures and motifs is used in the design of external facade creating a modern from while the interiors of the house are designed with simplicity weaving in touches of elegance and luxury.