Essentially Complacent

Hardesh And Monica Chawla


An expansive, multi-storeyed home, brought together by unique decor language owes its grandeur to interior designers Monica and Hardesh Chawla of Essentia Environments.

The owner of this Gurgaon residence wanted a home that would epitomise opulence and comfort. Though divided into multiple levels, the spaces had to be merged and somehow interconnected with each other. Monica and Hardesh Chawla of Essentia Environments achieved this through intelligent space planning and a consistent palette of surfaces, colours, textures, accessories and materials.

 The stilt sees the entrance foyer and a home office. Geometric pattern of veneer panelling around the lift adds warmth and details to the space. The piano inspired staircase, a typical Essentia design with twin use of hardwood on the stone and the float of each step, brings the guest on the ground floor which has a drawing and dining area on the front part of the house and a grandparent master-suite at the back. The first and the second floor have three bedrooms each with a living area in the centre connected with a pantry.

The terrace floor has a long pool running aside with a lounge cum bar area over viewing. The front part has an open to sky terrace with manicured grass on the ground with planters and sculptures from Essentia stacked around. The furniture is modern with crisp straight lines finished in leather and dark stained oak wood. Moreover, minimalistic decor with over-sized mirrors and suspended lights add glamour and vogue to the property.