Eternal Abode

Located in Defence Colony in New Delhi, the house wears the predictable look of builder type residences.

In this house, an independent floor makes up the connected space exercising minimalism and detailing. The basement houses a multi-purpose hall while the stilt level is made up of an elaborate entrance lobby and a columnless parking space. The upper ground is occupied by the elders and has an open plan where ‘walls’ are in the form of storage cabinets. The interim two floors are for the next generation and their families. The penultimate floor consists of a den and space for lounging and dining.

The concept of a square plan divided into 9 squares transforming as a volume into a cube is ‘Vaastu-friendly’ and effective in creating flexible and seamless spatiality. Columns dot the two central service cores and the periphery and a flat exposed concrete slab completes the beamless structure. Colour is used selectively and in a controlled manner. The flooring is wood or a grey toned Italian marble. A curated ensemble of modern, minimalistic and high end furniture, the clean and bold lines further accentuated by trendy and sleek lighting express contemporary design. The facade also revels in simplicity with the lighting effects in the Mandir and the Jaalis. The architecture and interiors of the residence generates an eternal and sublime feel.