Extrovert Meets Introvert

Suresh Mistry And Meghna Shetty


This multiple-award-winning project by smstudio highlights the firm’s brilliance in making the most of any given space, no matter how cramped or unwieldy. This modern residence in Mumbai exists in the generous space that connects two terraces at the top of an apartment building. The beauty of this project is in its detailing. To accord the house the intended personalised abode-in-the-sky look, Meghna Shetty and Suresh Mistry chose specific elements – a 20 ft. water curtain wall enhanced with mood lighting, patches of green grass, river washed pebbles across the terraces and lotus ponds. Plus, this home has rock solid green credentials. Natural light is abundant here, with two service ducts serving on both sides of the living room as sunlight conduits. The entrance is especially ethereal because of its sky-light lounge look. The ‘extrovert-introvert’ quality of the home was achieved by creating smart folding partitions which bring the private spaces in contact with the public ones whenever desired.