Fresh Young and Stylish

When designing a space, two things that are most crucial are time & budget, neither of which were available while executing this four bedroom apartment for two brother’s that were about to move in with their spouses.





“The brief was simple, or so we thought.” says Natasha Aggarwal, the principal designer of NaCL. The brief, “a home that is fresh, young and stylish, where maximum emphasis had to be given to the living room in terms of aesthetics and design BUT had to be completed in a span of 40 days with a fixed budget”. The restricted budget and the lack of time gave the designer an opportunity to be more creative with minimal elements.






Following a minimalistic design approach, the designer ensured that the layout was flexible and open with minimal furniture. Soft colored materials were used for the flooring, walls, upholstery and fixed furniture, accentuating the openness and giving it a light-airy and fresh look. Staying in line with the client’s brief, Natasha ensured the living room became the “talk of the town.”






Taking the unusual path, she decided to make the ceiling the highlight of the living and dining area by using a dramatic English blue color. “It broke the monotony of the neutral upholstery and white walls giving the space a unique character and an element of surprise to anyone who looked up,” says the designer. The existing ceiling cornices were retained intentionally to add to the aesthetics of the space. Taking inspiration from the cornices, detailed design elements like carved legs for consoles, a sculptural dining table were made and industrial looking lights were customized to break away from the monotony.






The den or the bar-cum-cigar room, as the client’s would like to call it, was a complete contrast to the living area with deep hues and embellished details. Vintage style wall panels and chandelier, distressed leather sofas and a heavily mirror- clad bar table adorned the space. A customized cigar table was the central focus of the room. The bedrooms were kept subtle with light wall paneling, clean straight-lined furniture without too many intricacies that lend itself to the simplicity of the space.