Guru Kirpa

Shalini Pereira And Anubhuti Mewara


Guru Kirpa is a 1500 sq ft floor apartment located in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. When the homeowners approached SPDA, they had a very simple brief, “We have complete faith in you. Give us our dream home.” While such trust and high expectations were quite daunting, it also inspired the team to give 110%.
After understanding the lifestyle as well as the likes and dislikes of this joint family of three generations, the team came to the conclusion that the design had to represent the aspirations of all three generations. “We wanted to have a contemporary scheme that was sophisticated and unashamedly Indian. So while the overall material and color palette was very contemporary, a lot of traditional Indian motifs were incorporated in the form of Jalis. And this one element was repeated in different ways throughout the home to give a sense of continuity,” say Shalini Pereira, the Founder of SPDA.
A lot of effort was put to ensure that the remodelled home made the most of the space available while looking uncluttered and refined. White engineered stone floor gave a light, expansive feel to the relatively small apartment. The liberal use of wood and veneer ensured that a sense of understated luxury was underscored.
Attention to detailing is noticeable throughout the home as the design team of Anubhuti and Shalini were very hands on and invested in this project. An example of this was arranging an impromptu photo-shoot where the duo photographed the client’s son, wife and baby grandson, for a collage of family pictures that they wanted to create in the family area.
Anubhuti explains, “We wanted the spaces to not just look good, our clients had to connect with the design. After all, a home your escape.”