Homely Comfort

Rajan And Sachin Goregaoker


This luxury duplex apartment at Nepean Sea Road has been sumptuously created by GA Design. A carefully contrasting colour scheme, distinct wall detailing, and elegant marble flooring come together to form a posh home. 

This sea-facing duplex apartment was designed for a family of 4. The design theme was to create a plush ambience with a contemporary look and feel. The colour palette is neutral with a range of textures achieved through the use of varied materials. Leather, marble, mirror and veneer, along with practical planning of spaces, together create the perfect blend of luxury and practical living.

The entrance lobby floor has an interesting inlay pattern in marble, while a full-length mirror on one of the walls helps double the impression of volume. The marble staircase and vertical veneer-paneled walls add to the height.

Backlit marble onyx paneling creates a sense of drama in the lobby. The fixing of the onyx has been detailed in such a manner that the light behind can be replaced in case of failure and this feature is very well-concealed as part of the paneling.

The colour palate of the living room includes shades of beige in hard and soft materials, with a simple contrasting colour element provided by the orange leather chairs. Modern abstract art creates a balance in the otherwise subtle, soft and plush look of the room.

The floor is finished with Armani Brown marble, contrasting with the light leather furniture. The TV wall of the living room is designed symmetrically with a central entrance to the hall with openings on either side, one to the dining and the other of the bar area. The bar is concealed when not in use with sliding frosted glass shutters.

The master bedroom sports tones of beige and brown with leather paneling wrapping itself around the room, starting from the bed back to the ceiling and down to the TV unit.

Wall paneling behind the bed in the son’s room is a 3D geometric wall done up in white and plywood-finished with PU paint, creating an interesting light-and-shadow effect in this room.

The daughter’s room features a modern energetic design. The walls have an abstract pattern of white paneling and mirror. The floor is dark wood, giving a stark contrast to the vertical white elements in the room.

The guest room on the ground floor sports Armani Brown on the floor, which follows the marble of the entrance lobby. Corian laser-cut panels adorn the backrest of the bed. The ceiling and the walls are finished in veneer and paint.

The entertainment room has a totally different palate from the rest of the house. A striking blue carpet with silver fabric paneling behind the seating and wallpapered walls create a comfortable and cosy space for the home theater room.

The dining has a beveled mirror wall with a sofa on the window side instead of chairs. Storage areas are concealed within the paneling of the walls. The kitchen is from Veneta Cucine and is done up in a combination of pastel shades.