Urban Living amidst a Lush Landscape

Situated in a prime area in central Indore is a 15,000 sq ft villa spread across a 2 acre plot designed Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects. The clients were a young couple with two small children whose requirements were straightforward; a comfortable and relaxed house of a very high standard. The style of the villa was a very relaxed Asian style with large windows and sloping roofs at various levels. The concept was to retain the integrity of the informal Asian structure and therefore to keep the entire design wholesome and eclectic and not very glossy or glamorous.The interiors needed to mirror that informal villa setting but at the same time needed to be of the highest standards in terms of design and quality. Therefore the entire plot is beautifully landscaped and the feeling of the garden is brought into the home. A wooden canopied porch leads one into the home. The planning objective was to keep the spaces outward looking and free flowing but at the same time ensure privacy and give the individual spaces a cosy feeling and a distinctive character. The villa has a contemporary look with a distinct Indian character. This was achieved by using decorative accents based on Indian crafts but done in a contemporary way. The mirror and console at the entrance was designed using Rajasthani Tekdi mirror work. There is also a Tekdi work wall panel hung in the dining room. The mandir wall has a lotus motif in Mother of pearl inlay. Just inside the main door is an old wooden carved panel depicting the Nandi bull. The entrance foyer has an atrium with a skylight with a live champa tree floating in the middle of a water body. Natural wood has been extensively used all over the house. The home has a fine balance of earthy materials like wood, rough stone, copper, along with richer materials like Italian marbles, onyx and decorative accents. A few well chosen decorative lights add a rich element to the spaces.