Intriguing Lines

The Linear House in Kolhapur designed by Manthan headed by Ar. Sachin K. Patil and Ar. Sheetal S. Patil allows the family enough space to socialize and enjoy solitude at the same time.

The accentuated linearity of the 50’-0” X 180’-0” plot was a challenge that led to the two bay plan connected by an axis along the north-south direction. These bays were then scooped out to make way for courtyards. The east has all the public areas and the west houses the private areas.

Entry to the plot is through a small court leading into forecourt. A travertine wall with solid wood door marks entrance of the house. The east has a linear court running along the living dining area. Visitors lobby has a panel wall clear off from the ceiling.

The informal living has double height to release tension created by the low ceiling of the visitor’s area. Living dining is marked by the pinhole random openings on the east wall. This space culminates into a low ceiling kitchen that ultimately releases into the back court. The guest bedroom at the beginning of the west bay opens in the champa court, (celebration court).

A wooden staircase comes as a pivot jutting out of the bay. Kitchen overlooks the breakfast deck and rear court beyond.

The master bedroom is conceived with a curved roof offering a seamless space that opens up in the rear court with a roof overhang. The rear court is the USP of this project and comes as a surprise as one enters the house walks through all the spaces and eventually ends up into this piece of serene solitude and silence. The first floor comprises of two bedrooms for children connected by a long bridge.

The bedroom on the South looks into the rear court while that on the North looks into the forecourt, giving each of them a connected yet secluded space to unwind. The second floor has multipurpose entertainment room. Mass of the building is treated as a long box chamfered at both ends to give razor sharp edges.