Kinetic Spaces

Husna Rahaman


The Poddar house has an aura - an incandescent energy that vibrates incessantly; simple in appearance, the spaces within and outside it, resonate soulfully. As we come by Poddar house, our vision is arrested by the composition of orange, beige and white planes looking down at us, welcoming us into its portals. Designed by Husna Rahaman of Fulcrum Studio, the scheme of the house has also adhered to Vastu elements. Hence straight lines govern the textured external façades of the house. By allowing a free passage to external elements, like air, light and scenic views, through the numerous small and large fenestrations the house rises above being just that and becomes a haven. Husna Rahaman’s designs are defined by thespian compositions that weave textures, colours, architectural elements, light and frequently surprising strokes in one unified entity.