Living the Life!

Nikhil Patel, Ashish Patel, Nilesh Dalsania and Vasudev Sheta


A sprawling bungalow whose luxury quotient belies its location at Pij, Nadiad in Gujarat, is designed by Ace Associates. Tying together the rural roots of the client with his current business success, the home delivers on all the expectations of the family.

Located off a highway near Anand, this plot was chosen from the many available. Architects Nikhil Patel, Nilesh Dalsania and Ashish Patel and interior designer Vasudev Sheta work together, bringing their combined expertise to the projects which they handle.

The L-shaped bungalow has a built up area of 13,000 sq ft and sits on one corner of a 20,000 sq ft plot. The façade of the low-lying structure is a combination of exposed brick and concrete, with an extensive use of glass. A part of the upper floor has an additional layer of vertical pipes suspended in a row outside the glass, like a second skin. They also provide a contrast to the strong horizontal lines in the rest of the facet.

A covered porch can seat several visitors. The foyer just inside has a floor in yellow Jaisalmer, with a skylight grazing one wood clad wall. The circulation space which it leads to has a sculpture of petrified wood roots suspended from the ceiling by tensile wires, drawing the eye upwards. It is from this space that all the other rooms are accessed.

A giant mural of Radha Krishna sits high near the ceiling, measuring 30 feet across and 9 feet in height. A floating staircase angles upwards at a shallow angle, making the ascent an easy going one. The bed of yellow Jaisalmer below it, created from waste, accentuates the floating effect. The blinds are also in yellow, echoing the tone of the stone, while the string curtains on the upper floor repeat the verticality of the metal pipes outside.

The 25ft x 25 ft living room is an explosion of space, with its 17 ft high ceiling. Combining shades of blue and natural timber in its colour palette, it has glass glazing on the east and north, facing the garden. A pair of larger than life horse heads, 6 ft and 8 ft high, sits in one corner, towering over the seating.

The family sitting room is located at the intersection of the L which the building forms, with red sofas and a coffee table in red stone and silver from Jodhpur. The master and guest bedrooms are also located on the west on the ground floor. The dining room includes an open kitchen with a breakfast counter, accentuated by a downward cove light. A courtyard adjacent to the stone topped dining table has a life-size sculpture of a horse and cart, adding interest to the space. The palette of yellow Jaisalmer on the floor, natural timber and touches of blue is carried through in this space as well.

On the first floor, the walkway to the bedrooms serves as an art gallery. The daughter’s bedroom is a Mughal fantasy, executed in a contemporary idiom to create a feminine space. The white ceiling has intricate motifs, with mirrors selectively set into the pattern. The 9 ft x 9 ft four poster is in a distressed finish, while arches in front of a wallpapered wall give it a layered effect. The en suite bath carries forward the imagery, while the terrace outside has a vertical garden. The son’s room has a grey palette, with accents in a bold red, bordering on corals and deep jewel toned pinks. The guest bedroom on the first floor reiterates the blues and yellows used on the floor below.

The sprawling spaces within, enhanced by the landscaping outside, have created a sophisticated retreat in keeping with the aspirations of the family.