Weekend Getaway

A 6,000 sq ft bungalow was constructed in Lonavala as a weekend getaway and a holiday home for a Mumbai-based family. The design brief given to Rakeshh Jeswaani Interior Architects required the space to be colourful and yet possess a relaxed and earthy feel. The sprawling holiday home has two bedrooms, the living and dining spaces along with a garden and a verandah on the ground floor and five bedrooms and a private family seating on the first floor. The bungalow has been built on a tight budget. The colours of the flooring and the walls have been kept very neutral, mainly in the shades of taupe and grey. The palate has been kept similar throughout the house and the tiles have been played around with. Colour is infused in the spaces with vibrant décor and unusual furnishings. To retain the freshness of the space, natural fabrics like linen, tie and dye, Shibori and Lucknowi Cutwork are used. A stark staircase clad in leather finish granite with steel and glass railings joins the ground level to the central common family seating space on the upper level. All the bedrooms are done on contemporary lines. The bedrooms house a standard layout where variations in furniture and furnishings give a distinct look to each one of them. All the bathrooms are designed in tiles of the same colour for a continuous feel. Only one wall in each bathroom is designed differently to break the monotony.