For the Love of Nature

Renesa Architecture Design Interiors infuses The House of Plumeria with lots of green spaces and jaalis to establish a design scheme that mixes the tropical with the modernist.

New Delhi-based Renesa Architecture Design Interiors' latest addition to the residential design circuit comes with a typical building to nature relationship. The design content as established by the client was to give a feel of a forest house within the city ambience.

The House of Plumeria's design philosophy has been borrowed from the exploration of modernism with respect to nature. The Indian cultural implications create a uniquely recognisable style of design for the house and has a lasting impact on the viewers passing by.

The ideology of the ‘tropical slick modernism’ design germinated from the pre-existing diverse plants at the site and the tropical ambience of the surroundings gave way to the architectural built forms of the hanging green terraces,” states the team from Renesa Architecture Design Interiors.

The jaalis (GRC- perforations) for this house in Gurgaon were customised as per the existing landscape (tree leaves) and hence provided the harmony to the lines of design at the same time allowing the air and soothing light patterns to hit the inner surfaces of the house. “The elevation has been played on the permutations and combinations of 6 volumetric masses v/s open spaces theory,” explains the team.

The House of Plumeria's design philosophy has also been derived with the help of the client's requirement for 2 big bedrooms set on the ground floor along with a huge public space (including the dining and the living). With the basement, the client wanted the use of scooped-out courtyard light and ventilation, along with the gym and the mini-theatre.

The first floor plate has been kept simple with a 2 master-bedroom set, a huge ventilated kitchen, and the use of perforated jaalis in the balcony for aesthetic purposes and to conceal the house’s services/utility areas.

The top floor has been designed with a huge green balcony facing one bedroom set. The green terrace has another partial floor plate above for the planters and the nursery. The house grows with a certain design harmony over different levels with the help of greens, jaalis and solid volumes.

Renesa Architecture Design Interiors has given extra importance to the jaali design (customised for the House of Plumeria) so that it blends with the tropical essence of the ambience. Also, special emphasis has been laid to the fact that the house doesn't have any sort of boundary - the greens act like the buffer and hence provide a different design theme. Attention has been given to the selection of materials and colours so they match the ambient green tones available. The play of water bodies with green tones and levels adds a certain depth to the house with the intersecting patterns of light through jaalis.