Material Wizardry

Sonali And Manit Rastogi


Architect couple Sonali and Manit Rastogi’s home makes ample use of glass and exemplifies their forte - green design. Delhi-based Morphogenesis, known for designing swanky malls and new age green buildings, live at a house that speaks their language of design. The house is wrapped in glass-literally so. With voluptuous greens hugging their abode, the house is made for the views. Sonali hates curtains and so the transparency as well as the outdoor-indoor connect gets visually enticing. Proper use of airflows, orientation, courtyard, water bodies and choice of materials make their house energy efficient. The home is a showcase of visual and design possibilities. Meant for three generations of living together, the open plan home is built over three levels. The ground floor houses Manit’s parents and the Morphogenesis office where 50 architects come to work every day. The upper level is where Manit and Sonali live with their two children.