Melding Tradition and Modernity

Ashish Patel And Bhavesh Patel


The most remarkable feature of this residence in Surat was the skylight, which ultimately influenced the choice of the materials, colours, and textures used for the interiors. The Architecture & Beyond team, led by Aashish Patel and Bhavesh Patel considered the amount of natural light and juxtaposed rough and smooth natural materials freely; like shaded golden kota, concrete finished walls, metal handles, polish on waterproof ply, a chocolate brown carpet and rustic finish leather, amongst other things. The predominant colour tones here are brown and grey, but the design team has evidently worked hard to include both modern and relatively traditional furniture pieces to create a contemporary appeal. The dining area is cordoned off by an 80 kg curtain made of heavy wooden pellets, while its ceiling features interesting lamp fixtures aping the shape of water pots. A transparent central table acts as a collection box for newspapers - smart touches such as these makes this home a project of remarkable depth.