Minimalist Antiquity

Brijesh Chinai


The Daseshwar residential project presents evidence of BRIC Design Group’s genius for depth. The home’s overall feel is classic BRIC – minimal, compact and elegant, but hiding multitudes in its less obvious details. The apartment has been designed to hark back to the floral-print glory days of the London era, realised here with careful selections of antique and modern furniture pieces. Almost everything in the apartment suggests that it belongs to an era gone by. The living room especially revels in the combined effects of the intricate POP ceiling, jaali accents, woollen Kashmiri carpets, plush sofas, robust wall frames showcasing Indian art forms and figures, chandeliers, and small tables with curvaceous stumps that bring to mind columns and prayer bells of ancient Indian monuments. Then there is the formidable door, borrowing all the ebony gravitas of 10 Downing Street. The spaces in fact are all so delightfully nostalgic of a century gone by that the appearances of a flat-screen television or sleek modern bathroom fixtures seem almost jarringly anomalous. But it is to the credit of designer-architect, Brijesh Chinai that nothing of that cognitive dissonance really happens.