A Natural Beauty

A contemporary home in Vadodara is given a timeless soul by Urvi Shah Associates. Bold shapes contrast with natural material creating a traditional space in a modern shell.  The team created a contemporary design with clean lines and simple forms but has included traditional elements of living which are explored with the use of natural materials like brick, stone and wood. The exterior sets the tone for the interiors of the house with its red brick and white façade. The contemporary lines of the building are bold yet not so avant-garde as to be out of place in the neighbourhood.

The ceiling is exposed concrete. The idea while designing the bungalow was to use natural materials like brick, concrete, stone and wood for an earthy feel. So Urvi Shah used natural materials for both the exterior as well as the interiors. The eye-catching feature here, however, is the large red brick wall which contrasts beautifully against the other pale surfaces. The idea was to create an earthy feel throughout the house in contrast with the contemporary furniture. The wooden furniture is upholstered in light colours to add to that contrast.