Neoclassical Dream

Architect Annkur Khosla has recreated a bit of France in an urban home in Mumbai by reinterpreting 17th century décor concepts in a more contemporary fashion. In décor terms, the neoclassical French style includes design elements like refined lines, stonework, landscape art and floral patterns. It’s a décor style that Annkur Khosla has attempted to adapt to an urban apartment, a 3,000 sq feet space in Breach Candy, which she has done up in shades of pink and beige. She has fallen back on the huge repository of ideas for decoration that French classical décor style offers, to design the apartment using the right kind of art, ornaments, furnishing and porcelain. Khosla has, of course, contemporarised the style by eschewing the heavy ornamentation and carving that one finds on classical French furniture. This apartment has an influence of the neoclassic French interiors, but it’s juxtaposed against contemporary modern.