Of Wood and Brick

Tanvi Rajpurohit And Archis Patel


Using a vocabulary which is neither starkly contemporary nor harking back to the past, a+t associates have designed a bungalow in Vadodara spread across four levels, wrapping public and private spaces in a comfortable ambience. A preference for wood, brick and an earthy feel was part of the brief given to architects Archis Patel and Tanvi Rajpurohit. The earthy colour palette has shades of rust and brown, original natural wood, exposed bricks and similar tones in metals such as brass and copper.
The lotus theme wafts through the spaces like a leitmotif, starting from the handle of the front door, to the lotus installation on the wall near the staircase and upwards, to the punctures in the large rectangular light suspended in the stairwell. The staircase unites the floors in more ways than one, with the design of its railing making a strong visual statement. Laser cut patterns have also found favour on various surfaces.