Peace Palace

Amit And Snehal Sontakke


This spacious bungalow in Bhopal has strung together its spaces in a serene sequence with the help of what Space Frame Architects call “continuity of elements”.


This 7,000 sq. ft. bungalow in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, has been designed by Indore-based Space Frame Architects for Sameer and Ritu Gupta. The spaces sprawl across 3 floors and retain a simple but elegant look that are equal parts discreet and attention-demanding.



The structure incorporates interesting cubic compositions and overhangs. “Simplicity and serenity permeates the entire space,” the team restates.



The building and its elements – staircase, lobbies, and more – borrow and return views with a symbolic play of light. The house has been designed in a way to make the most of materials in their natural form, and also of natural elements. Each area features large openings, bringing in ample ventilation and unobstructed views of the outside.



A small garden has been created at all the levels to foster a feeling of continuity and peace.



The ground floor houses the parking space, the office, a gym, the home-theatre, as well as the servant quarters.



The first floor has an airy internal lobby that interacts with the drawing room, the living room, the dining-and-kitchen, as well as the parents’ room.



The second floor is where the master bedroom, guest room, and daughters room are, connected together by a central lounge area. “The client had specifically asked for a contemporary look, with spaces that exude luxury. Hence the concept of continuity of elements was created,” explains the team.



Multiple terraces and landscaped areas explore the full potential of the community garden. All transition spaces are comfortable, attractive, and unique focal points in themselves. They together help define the overall character of the house. The lighting, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and fire protection equipment have been dexterously included in the design scheme.



The decked area on the first floor has been finished with a rustic touch, complete with green patches. “The home’s welcoming ambience is a result of the custom-designed interiors and furniture pieces that have been realised in earthy tones and highlighted by warm lighting,” concludes the team.