Quirky Infusions

Shabnam Gupta


For Shabnam Gupta, there is no attempt to blend into the mindless contemporary décor trend that most architects take refuge in, while designing a city apartment. Her designing of this modern home in Mumbai is distinct and uniquely her own. The house is open, free-spirited and even over-the-top, with just a hint of the outdoors seeping in. There is an other-worldly, surrealistic quality to the house, which is brought in through the interesting juxtaposition of large pieces of furniture with delicate accessories and lights. For instance, take the green textured centre table in the TV room, which is scooped out of a single piece of wood, has grooves on the top and resembles a leaf.
The Orange Lane, with Gupta at its helm, makes a creative use of furniture and brings in an idiosyncratic quality to them in designing this house.