A Resplendent Residence

Samuel Barclay


The Altamount Road residence is the perfect example of a compact yetluxurious home in the maximum city.

Mumbai-based Case Design doesn’t believe in making statements. The firminstead works to realise projects that pack substance and exude elegance,because what matters to the team is that people should truly connect with thespaces they create. Their work includes projects in India, Southeast Asia, theMiddle East and Africa.

This home on Altamount Road in Mumbai is resplendent, which makes thefact of its small material palette somewhat of a surprise. The designers fromCase Design, handled a compact space in a famously space-exhausted city, withcharacteristic maturity. 

The number of primary materials was kept down to just three, namelykhada plaster on the walls, Udaipur marble, and reclaimed Burma teak. 

The furniture pieces, too, were kept to a clinical minimum. The storagesections are one with the walls instead of jutting out and becomingobstructions. The polished wood, the most visually-indelible element here,accords the space an aura of class. But the plaster work and the marble are theones that make the rooms truly shine. As sunlight rushes in from the beautifulbalcony, every space in the home comes alive, commending its remarkablerestraint. 

This project had to deliver a home to a multi-generational family, andit is hard to point out how any one of any age won’t feel right at home here!