Sample Elegance

Sachin Khatpe


Located near Pune, this compact flat has been designed in a in a record time of 22 days, without comprising on its finishing, by Sachin Khatpe, head designer and partner of Studio 5 and Sayli Belsare, senior interior designer. The surroundings are replete with natural beauty owing to the scenic forest and valley views. These play a significant role in the design of the house since provisions have been made to enjoy the natural views from the apartment and bring the outdoors and indoors a wee bit closer. A beige colour scheme runs throughout the house. The no-fuss compact design works well for it. The house has enough for the needs of a family, and yet is not over-crowded. Considering the space area, it is commendable that the designers have managed to fulfill all the requirements and yet let the design evoke pure elegance.