Serene Rhapsody

Rushda Hakim And Rishita Das


Clean lines, minimalist decor and earthy shades all set on a white backdrop: this summarises the apartment designed by Design Office where warmth and elegant opulence feature in a simple understated design. ‘Luxurious compact living’ - this is how the firm introduce the apartment they designed in Pune, for a young couple who was looking to maximise the space they had in hand. Fusing minimalistic details with a neutral colour scheme, principal designers Rushda Hakim and Rishita Das have accorded this chic apartment, an aura of elegant opulence. ‘Quiet Minimalism’ being their guiding mantra, furniture and accessories, in mahogany shades and white, follow the linearity and the proportion of the room. Wanting to both separate and connect the disparate spaces, the architects used distinctive decor and lighting features for each zone. Muted textured wall surfaces break the monotony of white walls in the living room, and glass ceiling lights define the dining space.