Space Ninja

Robert Verrijt And Shefali Balwani


Casa BRIO is the personal home of Shefali Balwani and Robert Verrijt of the firm, Architecture BRIO. It is a masterpiece of intelligent space usage and clutter-free, multi-purpose interior designing. The architects came face-to-face with the challenge of space when designing their 7th floor apartment in Mumbai. They had to turn 80 sq. m of precious space into their dream home. The home had to be minimalist, classy, and devoid of clutter while also accommodating all the essentials. And for the benefit of their young daughter, it also had to be fun, with a bit of colour and whimsy. They have created a home whose different sections play hide-and-seek with a viewer. The brilliance of the space division is in the extremely thoughtful detailing. Practically every wall space, nook and surface has been put to multiple uses. Aside from breathy, open-ended spaces, the home is livened up by the use of building materials that are allowed to exist in all natural glory - grain, tints, et al - sometimes splashed with unexpected colour.