Spatial Escape

S. Raaj Sree Ram And Vishal Siddamsetty


The Srinivas Reddy Farmhouse has been designed to facilitate endless gawking at the wonders of its surroundings. Which is why it is a solid, airy, and restrained structure done up in natural colours.

The building blocks of this farmhouse are quite simple - space, views and comfort, perfect for an ideal getaway from the city. The basic structure is like placing blocks, but the placement of the same over a water body makes it unique. 

The sit-out is the highlight of the abode, which has been created by providing it cantilevered over a water body, is perfect for leisurely evenings. The view from the sit-out with rafters creates a perforated opening and the view of the sky all combine in a perfect manner.  

“In terms of the interiors, the design has been kept simple and cosy so as to meet the needs of a farmhouse. The chosen colour palette is dominated by earthy tones which complement the surroundings. Whites, browns and beiges create simple, warm and cosy interiors,” states the team from Hyderabad-based Form & Space Architects.

The deliberate restraint in terms of accenting, the wide breathing spaces, and structural solidity of the home play perfect catalysts to the domination of the surrounding views. The farmhouse is structured like a collection of stepped compartments, each lit up from the inside in varying shades of warm yellow and dreamy dull blue, with a lot of natural light-and-shadow play infusing some whimsy into the rooms.  

Large windows further accentuate the sense of openness and space that one looks for in a home-away-from-home.