Subtle Graces

Bimal Patel And Ismet Khambatta


As architect couple Bimal Patel and Ismet Khambatta shape out their dream house, a beautiful medley emerges from their different individual perspectives and amalgamates through a collaborative design process. On a rectangular plot in Ahmedabad, the bungalow sits parallel to the eastern edge, leaving a huge open space for a garden in the front towards the west. The linear plan of the main building is completely rectilinear with no complicated angles. Primarily a single storey structure, nothing here has been created in order to boost the owner’s status in any way as is the norm.
On entering the house, one confronts the cosy cluster of living room, study and dining room connected through an open plan. Space demarcation here is not necessarily through rigid walls. Remaining true to its context and owner, HCP Design and Project Management Pvt. Ltd. employed a synergy of exposed red brick walls and exposed concrete while building the house. The house’s almost sober interiors are a conscious effort to maintain the focus on the intangible luxuries achieved through elements like natural light and views of the outside.