Surrogate Home

Suresh Mistry And Meghna Shetty


S M Studio, Mumbai departs from the tested formula of luxurious service apartments to evolve an understated but stylish apartment equipped to take on any kind of décor trend. The interiors of the penthouse duplex - a service apartment for Rustomjee Developers at Malad in suburban Mumbai, is designed by Suresh Mistry and Meghna Shetty. Inside, juxtaposing planes begin a play of sculpting the interiors via the application of materials and finishes. The overall look and feel is minimalist, with an emphasis on spacious emptiness rather than on things occupying it. The apartment that is a departure from a flatted experience to a visually stimulating voluminous one, especially with the timber clad lofty insert right at the entrance. The resultant practicability and parity in design concept and visual aesthetics wraps up a chic, debonair ensemble that can be moulded to take on any style of décor, depending on the live-in durations of the proposed culturally diverse clientele that the apartment is tailored for.