Tale of a Frangipani

An open-to-sky courtyard and a design bloomed around a frangipani tree punctuate the seasons within the home of Avani Mehta, founder of Manoramya Architects. Her Ahmedabad based bungalow needed to be spread around a Frangipani tree that would be placed within an open-to-sky courtyard which was not just an anecdote to her childhood recollections but a nature nuance where living is witnessed by the sky, wind and light.
The conventional pitched roof in green colour reaffirms the inspiration from nature as one enters the paved driveway into a gable roof porch defined by a wooden entrance door engraved with stone. The amalgamation of nature predicated ambience and urban living that travels from the foyer to the green expanse on the outside highlight the seamless flow of space. Clean linear formations balanced with niche ornate design and character accents reflect an apt mix of the conventional with modernism.